Automobile Litigation

Our Firm routinely handles all types of automobile litigation, including claims involving motorcycles, boats, all-terrain vehicles, and personal watercraft.  We work with the insurers to represent them and their insureds in cases involving underinsured/uninsured motorist claims (UM), personal injury protection benefits (PIP), product defect and liability, wrongful death, property damage, negligence, complex trucking accidents, subrogation, and bad faith.  We defend claims involving both personal lines and commercial policies.

We take a personal approach to handling these claims and quickly provide our evaluation of the claim at the beginning of a case so that our clients can determine whether a claim should be settled or defended at trial.  We work with our clients to develop a litigation strategy and budget that fits their needs, not ours.

We are familiar with the engineering and medical issues involved in these claims, and how they affect the defense of claims. We are experienced in representing our clients at all phases of litigation and are prepared to take an aggressive approach when cases cannot be resolved at mediation.  We are experienced in handling these claims at mediation, arbitration and trial. 

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