Two More Summary Judgment Wins by ACKL Attorneys!

December 12, 2022 |

Two of our attorneys, Craig Knox and Riley Landy, recently prevailed on summary judgment motions on behalf of one of our clients in two separate cases. 

In the first case, the Court issued its order granting the Motion for Partial Summary Judgment on Plaintiff’s claims for false imprisonment and negligent training and supervision in favor of Defendant. The Court agreed Plaintiff was never detained, entitling our client to summary judgment on the false imprisonment claim. The Court also agreed our client was entitled to sovereign immunity from a negligent training claim, and the undisputed facts showed no evidence of negligent supervision. 

in the second case, Craig and Riley argued a Motion for Final Summary Judgment on Plaintiff’s claims of disability discrimination and retaliation. After extensive oral argument, the Court agreed the undisputed facts showed no evidence of discrimination against Plaintiff. The Court further held no adverse action was taken against Plaintiff, and Defendant’s failure to rehire Plaintiff after her employment contract ended was done so for legitimate, non-retaliatory and non-discriminatory reasons. The Court entered its order granting Defendant’s motion.

Once again, Final Summary Judgment awarded in favor of the Defense!

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