Jeannette Andrews and Joe Longfellow secure a defense verdict for a local sheriff's office

August 18, 2016 |

On February 26, 2016, Joe Longfellow and Jeannette Andrews obtained a defense verdict in a federal civil rights case against a local sheriff’s department after a 1 week trial.  The claim involved inmates who alleged they were forced to have sexual relations with an officer of another agency outside of the jail while incarcerated.  The inmates were from another county and were checked out by an officer of that county various times for appointments.  The Plaintiffs argued that the local sheriff’s department should have known that a former officer from another county was having sexual relations with inmates and that one of the Plaintiffs told the sheriff.  On behalf of the agency, Mr. Longfellow and Ms. Andrews argued that there was no reasonable basis for the agency to know and that no one with supervisory authority at the agency was told about this by an inmate.  They also argued that there had never been a similar situation prior to this case.  No appeals were taken after the verdict and they obtained a cost judgment against the Plaintiffs.

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